Our trip to New York!

Retrouvez ici quelques images de notre grand voyage à New York. Petits et grands ont tous joué le jeu. Well done!

Au programme de cette journée spéciale langue anglaise :

  • passage de la douane
  • vol vers New York
  • écriture de carte postale
  • football américain
  • baseball
  • photomontage
  • jeux de société
  • menu américain dans une cantine toute décorée
  • décorations à l’accueil périscolaire


    On Friday, we did a virtual trip to New York. The flight attendant takes the luggage and puts them in the X-Ray machine. There are beautiful costumes, scarfs, shoes, hair buns etc.


    We explain to the kids in the school that they have to put their suitcases in the X’ray machine, then, they have to go to see the other customs officer. The customs officer ask their passport and ask some questions, too. If the kids are right, they get a boarding pass, so they get allowed to go to the flight.



    We took the luggage to a room for the take-off. We had a video for take-off and for landing.

    There were 2 roles : one for the CM2 and one for the CM1.

    We also had a powerpoint presentation to visit New York City.



    The CM1 did a presentation. On the presentation, we saw photos of New York city.

    There was the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building ? It took 10 minutes to do the visit of New York.

    Lucie N.

    WORKSHOP 1 : ARTS (Keith Haring)

    The activity of Keith Haring was that we had to make a little person without eyes, nose, hair or mouth. We did the position of the person, then we did the ouline in black, then we cut it out. Finally, we painted the inside of the person.

    Each of us made one to make a fresco in our school !

    Lucie C.

    during our stay in New York, we did art inspired by Keith Haring. We drew a person in the position of dancing. Then, we cut the drawing and we painted it. We had lots of fun ! We enjoyed this activity !



    We played Ametican football and it was funny. There were 2 teams, attackers and defenders. We had a rugby ball to play American football.


    We also played baseball.


    On Friday, we did a trip to New York and we played board games. We had a lot of games like bingo, Guess who, Mr potato head.

    My favourite game was bingo.

    The SVI pupils needed to help the others to play in English.



    Photomontage was great. You needed to cut your head (or your body), then you go and take a picture of New York and you stick your head on it.



    We wrote postcards to our fake parents and we glued a drawing on the postcard, then we sent it.


Before the trip, I felt happy and stressed.

During the trip, I felt relaxed and shy.

Now, I feel very, very, very HAPPY !

My favourite activity was photomontage.

In New York, there is the Statue of Liberty, a big Park (Central Park).

The symbol of New York is the Big Apple.


Before the trip, I felt stressed.

During the trip, I felt fine.

Now, I feel very happy.

My favourite activity was arts (Keith Haring).

In New York, there is Little Italy, chinatown, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Moma, the Met.

The symbol of New York is the Big Apple.

My favourite place in New York is Central Park.


CD coming soon!

Joël is a singer. He writes songs, he sings. With him, you create a CD. Lucie DL

Joël is a musician who came in each class to create songs. We started to say beautiful words in English. It was very funny. Then, we started to write sentences with all the beautiful words.

Then, Joël did the melody. The first time we sang, it was very hard and not very synchronized but finally, we did it well and we could record the song.

We really like the song, we also did two voices.    Joude and Tiago

CM1 : Our feelings after the experience at the radio

There was a lady who welcomed us. She asked lots of questions, we played games. She explained us lots of stuff at the radio. It was awesome !

At the radio, there were headphones with big microphones. Once, we thought that a microphone did not work, so two people were sharing one, even though it worked !

When we put the headphones on, we could only hear our partners and we could not hear the others.

A lot of people stressed but, at the end, everybody said that it was amazing !

Callista and Victor

Listen to SUN…. American music!

Les CM1 et CM2 de la SVI ont enregistré des chroniques radio sur SUN.
Le thème cette année est la musique américaine.
5 chroniques ont été diffusées la semaine dernière :
Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Louis Armstrong, Bruno Mars.
A écouter en suivant ce lien :
5 autres seront diffusées prochainement.
« Hope you’ll enjoy the show! »

Robin Hood

Les CM1 de la SVI ont lu Robin des Bois en anglais.

Callista et Victor essaient ici de vous donner envie de le lire.

Un peu de vocabulaire pour bien comprendre : outlaw (hors-la-loi), deer (cerf), to kill (tuer), to shoot (tirer), the neck (le cou), knights (chevaliers)

We read a book called Robin Hood.

Robin Hood became an outlaw by killing the King’s deer and the leader of the foresters in Sherwood forest. The leader of the foresters made a deal with Robin : the deal was that Robin told the leader that he could shoot way better than him.

So, the leader said : « really, can you ? ». Then he shot this from five hundred paces. Robin shut the deer’s neck. So, the foresters tried to arrest him. That’s how he became an outlaw.

So, he went to hide.

In Sherwood forest, he met a lot of outlaws, they started a group, the « Merry men ».

And so, a bunch of adventures began.

With soldiers, knights, tax collectors and outlaws !

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this adventure book !

Callista and Victor

Summary : The Secret Garden

Lucie N, Emma L et Lucie C ont lu le roman « The secret Garden ». Voici leur résumé. Saurez-vous comprendre l’histoire ?

The Secret Garden has been written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The story is about a selfish little girl, Mary, who was born in India.

Her parents die, so she goes to her uncle’s house in Yorkshire, England.

When she arrives in the house, it is not welcoming.

Her uncle, Master Craven, is never there, he is always travelling.

In the manor, there are Mrs Medlock the housekeeper, Martha the maid.

One day , Mary finds the key of the secret Garden. Now, she takes care of the secret Garden secretly with her new friend Dickon .

Mary discovers that the wife of Master Craven died in this garden because she was on a branche of a tree and she fell and she died. So Master Craven hates this Garden.

One night she hears a cry for the second time . She discovers that it is a boy called Colin. He is the son of Master Craven. Mary and Dickon show the secret garden to Colin. One Day, while they were running to the door of the secret Garden, Master Craven is there. The three friends explain all the story to Master Craven. He discovers the inner beauty of the garden and his happiness is back in his heart!

Reading rallye with the College !

Quelques images du rallye lecture avec les 6ème de la Section Internationale du Collège Aristide Briand. Autour du roman « The Hound of the Baskervilles », from Arthur Conan Doyle.



Back on SUN !

Les CM2 de la SVI étaient ce matin dans les locaux de la radio SUN pour enregistrer des chroniques sur la musique jazz.

Nos impressions :

Today, we went to the radio. I was stressed but excited. It was so much fun ! When you put the headphones, it’s as if you were by yourself in a different room. It’s really strange. I loved it !

Lucie N


Today, we went to …the radio !!! It was stressful ! It was very strange when you put on the headphones!


Today, we are going to the radio with the SVI teacher and my class ! In the studio, there were headphones and microphones for each one of us. We went second.


The radio is cool because we hear our friends in headphones!


Today, I went to the radio! It’s very strange. Solange was the boss today, not Fabienne!

In the studio, there were microphones and headphones.

I loved this !


When I entered the room, I had stress but it was good. In the room, there are headphones, a microphone and I had my text with me.

I had fun! I want to come back again!

Thank you!!


Today, we are at the radio (SUN radio).

It is very weird because when you talk in the microphone with the headphones on, you can hear everybody that has the headphones on, too!

The studio was organized in 2 parts, one for the people talking (« studio »), and one for the technical room (« régie »).

Il liked listening to my friends recording their script.

Lucie C.

It was so stressful when we were recording! I love radio! It’s beautiful.

Everyone had a headphone when he was recording.

Lana & Salimata

« I feel like a spoon in the classroom… ! »

Bizarre comme titre…. Je me sens comme une cuillère dans une classe….! C’est pourtant une partie de la chansons que nous sommes en train d’écrire avec Joël Vaillant…

à écouter prochainement!


Thanksgiving potluck – Saturday, Dec 1st

Samedi 1er décembre, une grande partie du groupe de SVI s’est rendue au lycée Mandela rejoindre des familles de collégiens et lycéens pour fêter Thanksgiving à l’américaine!

Merci à l’association Mandela High School American Association pour nous avoir associés à cet événement convivial (et plein de gourmandises) !

Quelques photos souvenirs à découvrir ici :