Back on SUN !

Les CM2 de la SVI étaient ce matin dans les locaux de la radio SUN pour enregistrer des chroniques sur la musique jazz.

Nos impressions :

Today, we went to the radio. I was stressed but excited. It was so much fun ! When you put the headphones, it’s as if you were by yourself in a different room. It’s really strange. I loved it !

Lucie N


Today, we went to …the radio !!! It was stressful ! It was very strange when you put on the headphones!


Today, we are going to the radio with the SVI teacher and my class ! In the studio, there were headphones and microphones for each one of us. We went second.


The radio is cool because we hear our friends in headphones!


Today, I went to the radio! It’s very strange. Solange was the boss today, not Fabienne!

In the studio, there were microphones and headphones.

I loved this !


When I entered the room, I had stress but it was good. In the room, there are headphones, a microphone and I had my text with me.

I had fun! I want to come back again!

Thank you!!


Today, we are at the radio (SUN radio).

It is very weird because when you talk in the microphone with the headphones on, you can hear everybody that has the headphones on, too!

The studio was organized in 2 parts, one for the people talking (« studio »), and one for the technical room (« régie »).

Il liked listening to my friends recording their script.

Lucie C.

It was so stressful when we were recording! I love radio! It’s beautiful.

Everyone had a headphone when he was recording.

Lana & Salimata

« I feel like a spoon in the classroom… ! »

Bizarre comme titre…. Je me sens comme une cuillère dans une classe….! C’est pourtant une partie de la chansons que nous sommes en train d’écrire avec Joël Vaillant…

à écouter prochainement!


Thanksgiving potluck – Saturday, Dec 1st

Samedi 1er décembre, une grande partie du groupe de SVI s’est rendue au lycée Mandela rejoindre des familles de collégiens et lycéens pour fêter Thanksgiving à l’américaine!

Merci à l’association Mandela High School American Association pour nous avoir associés à cet événement convivial (et plein de gourmandises) !

Quelques photos souvenirs à découvrir ici :

Les ateliers d’anglais en CP et CE1

Tous les mardis, les CP et CE1 parlent anglais dans 4 ateliers, avec Gaëlle, Daphné, Krista (notre assistante américaine) et Fabienne (l’enseignante de la SVI).

Les ateliers d’octobre/novembre :

  • un album : Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see, by Eric Carle
  • des chansons : Old Mac Donald had a farm, Rainbow song
  • des jeux de société en anglais
  • des jeux de cour en anglais

Et une séance de bricolage autour de Thanksgiving.


Fête de Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving, c’est tous les ans le 4ème jeudi de novembre. C’est une fête très populaire aux Etats-Unis et au Canada.

Samedi 1er décembre, les parents de la section américaine du lycée Mandela organisent a « Thanksgiving potluck » (une fête où chacun apporte quelque chose à manger).

Cette fête s’adresse aux familles des 3 sections internationales (école / collège /lycée)


Les élèves préparent activement des affiches et décorations diverses, sur le thème de Thanksgiving.

Avec l’aide précieuse de Krista, notre assistante américaine, qui nous fait partager les bricolages typiques faits par les écoliers américains!

Voices in the Park / Une histoire à 4 voix

Voices in the Park, by Anthony Browne. (titre français : Une histoire à quatre voix)

Dans cet album,  la même histoire est racontée 4 fois, par 4 personnes différents.

Certains CM1 de la SVI ont imaginé une 5ème voix, celle du chien Albert.

Saurez-vous comprendre leur histoire ?

It was a morning like every time, I was bored and lonely and I needed to change my mind and play with another dog.

My dad said that we can go to the park. I was very happy! In the park ,I saw a dog, I wanted to play with her but a mean women said to me «scruffy mongrel».

But when she had gone, I played with her. I told her «what’s your name?»

She said «My name is Victoria».

We played together all the time but when the woman said «come here Victoria», I was sad but I had a great day so I was happy.



I was at my house and I was bored. So I walked at the door and I scratched it. So, my owner called Smudge and grabbed my leash.

When we were at the park, I saw a beautiful dog.

I tried to play with her. Her owner stopped me, but I didn’t mind the woman, so I played with the dog.



My Master is sad and he is tring to get some job, and my other master, Smudje is nice, happy, playing.

Then we go to the park and I see Victoria playing alone.

So I played with her.



My master was unhappy so I thaught I wouldn’t have any fun today .

But we went to the park anyway.

When we arrived, my master took off my leash and I went to say hello to a nice dog (by sniffing her bottom !).

But her master was naughty, so the other dog and I went to play somewhere else.



It was time for our walk. I was jumping up and down! Smudge was putting my leash when she

told me.

When we arrived at the park, I met a lovely dog.

We played loads of games! Her favorite game is tag!Me too!

Like always, Smudge’s dad was looking at the newspaper. I don’t know what he is looking for ?

I am also very happy because Smudge got a new friend and a nice one.

Then, it was time to go and Smudge cheered her dad up.

I wonder when we can come back !


The Hound of the Baskervilles – 2

Pour ceux qui veulent essayer de lire en anglais, voici un résumé des 10 premiers chapitres du Chien des Baskerville.

Here is a summary of the first 10 chapters of the story, written by the CM2 :


Chapter 1 :

The narrator is Dr Watson.

Dr Mortimer visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. He asks for help.

Charles Baskerville died. Heart attack ?

Chapter 2 :

Dr Mortimer explains the story of the Baskervilles family.

A long time ago, Sir Hugo Baskervilles was in love with a girl. One night, he had locked her in a room. He was with friends and he was drunk.

The girl escaped and ran through the moor.

Hugo chased her.

The girl fell of fear and exhaustion and she died.

Sir Hugo was attacked and killed by a giant dog : this is the beginning of the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Chapter 3 and 4 :

It is said that Sir Charles died of a heart attack but Dr Mortimer has doubts :

– footprints have been found (of an animal?)

– Sir Charles refused to go out at night

– there are signes (ashes) that he was waiting for someone.

– there are signs that he ran.

Chapter 5 :

Sir Henry Baskervilles is back from the USA and meets Sherlock Holmes (Sir Charles’heir)

He explains that one of his new shoes was stolen.

Sir Henry has found a paper warning him of a danger if he goes to Dartmoor.

Holmes realises that someone with a fake beard was spying them.

Chapter 6 :

Another shoe (from an old pair) has been stolen to Sir Henry !

We learn that Sir Henry is going to win lots of money after Sir Charles’ death.

Watson and Sit Henry decide to go to Datmoor to investigate (Holmes stays in London)

Holmes finds the taxi where the « spy » was : the spy said his name was…Sherlock Holmes !

Chapter 7 :

Watson and Sir Henry arrive in Dartmoor… people are not welcoming.

Soldiers are looking for Selden, an escaped prisoner.

We meet Mr & Mrs Barrymore (the butler and his wife)

Dr Watson hears a woman crying during the night.

Chapter 8 :

Mr Barrymore is lying…his was was the crying woman (was he the spy in London?)

Dr Watson meets Stapelton and his sister.

Stapelton is a naturalist, he asks lots of questions.

He know how to walk in the moor.

Dr Watson meets Mrs Stapelton. She lies to her brother and tells Watson that he need to leave immediately, he is in danger (thinking that Dr Watson is Sir Henry!).

Chapter 9 :

Stapelton meets Sir Henry.

Henry seems to be in love with Mrs Stapelton.

Mr Barrymore was standing at the window at night. Why ?

Selden, the prisoner, is Mrs Barrymore’s brother.

Watson and Sir Henry hear the Hound…

A man is standing on a hill looking at Sir Henry and Watson (it is not Selden. Who is it ?)

Chapter 10 :

New clue : Sir Charles was waiting at the gate because he was waiting for a woman called L.L.

Dr Mortimer tells Watson he knows someone called Laura Lyons. She lives in Newtown.

Charles B was at the gate to give her money.

The man who was watching Sir Henry and Dr Watson in the moor lives in a hut. Watson wants to catch him.



The Hound of the Baskervilles – 1

The CM2 of the International Section are reading The Hound of the Bakservilles, a famous Sherlock Holmes  story from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We are reading 3 different versions.


In December, we will meet the 6ème for a reading rallye !

A poem : School is cool

Voici notre premier poème appris en cette année de SVI : « School is cool ».

Lu par Joude.

Pour s’entraîner à volonté !School is cool audio Joude

The Alphabet Rap

Chanson pour apprendre & réviser l’alphabet en anglais !