Back on SUN !

Les CM2 de la SVI étaient ce matin dans les locaux de la radio SUN pour enregistrer des chroniques sur la musique jazz.

Nos impressions :

Today, we went to the radio. I was stressed but excited. It was so much fun ! When you put the headphones, it’s as if you were by yourself in a different room. It’s really strange. I loved it !

Lucie N


Today, we went to …the radio !!! It was stressful ! It was very strange when you put on the headphones!


Today, we are going to the radio with the SVI teacher and my class ! In the studio, there were headphones and microphones for each one of us. We went second.


The radio is cool because we hear our friends in headphones!


Today, I went to the radio! It’s very strange. Solange was the boss today, not Fabienne!

In the studio, there were microphones and headphones.

I loved this !


When I entered the room, I had stress but it was good. In the room, there are headphones, a microphone and I had my text with me.

I had fun! I want to come back again!

Thank you!!


Today, we are at the radio (SUN radio).

It is very weird because when you talk in the microphone with the headphones on, you can hear everybody that has the headphones on, too!

The studio was organized in 2 parts, one for the people talking (« studio »), and one for the technical room (« régie »).

Il liked listening to my friends recording their script.

Lucie C.

It was so stressful when we were recording! I love radio! It’s beautiful.

Everyone had a headphone when he was recording.

Lana & Salimata