Robin Hood

Les CM1 de la SVI ont lu Robin des Bois en anglais.

Callista et Victor essaient ici de vous donner envie de le lire.

Un peu de vocabulaire pour bien comprendre : outlaw (hors-la-loi), deer (cerf), to kill (tuer), to shoot (tirer), the neck (le cou), knights (chevaliers)

We read a book called Robin Hood.

Robin Hood became an outlaw by killing the King’s deer and the leader of the foresters in Sherwood forest. The leader of the foresters made a deal with Robin : the deal was that Robin told the leader that he could shoot way better than him.

So, the leader said : « really, can you ? ». Then he shot this from five hundred paces. Robin shut the deer’s neck. So, the foresters tried to arrest him. That’s how he became an outlaw.

So, he went to hide.

In Sherwood forest, he met a lot of outlaws, they started a group, the « Merry men ».

And so, a bunch of adventures began.

With soldiers, knights, tax collectors and outlaws !

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this adventure book !

Callista and Victor