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CD coming soon!

Joël is a singer. He writes songs, he sings. With him, you create a CD. Lucie DL Joël is a musician who came in each class to create songs. We started to say beautiful words in English. It was very funny. Then, we started to write sentences with all the beautiful words. Then, Joël did …

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CM1 : Our feelings after the experience at the radio

There was a lady who welcomed us. She asked lots of questions, we played games. She explained us lots of stuff at the radio. It was awesome ! At the radio, there were headphones with big microphones. Once, we thought that a microphone did not work, so two people were sharing one, even though it worked ! …

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Listen to SUN…. American music!

Les CM1 et CM2 de la SVI ont enregistré des chroniques radio sur SUN. Le thème cette année est la musique américaine. 5 chroniques ont été diffusées la semaine dernière : Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Louis Armstrong, Bruno Mars. A écouter en suivant ce lien : http://www.lesonunique.com/content/sun-junior 5 autres seront diffusées prochainement. « Hope …

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