Leçon n°2     COLD AND CLOUDY

2-1 Listen and look

2-3 Listen to the story of Danny’s week 

2-4 Sing a song 

Leçon n°3     FUN IN CLASS

3-1 Sing a song

3-2 Listen and count

Leçon n°4     TAKE A SNOWBALL

Listen To The Poem

Leçon n°5    

5-1  Food, Delicious Food Listen

Apple and carrots  Sing A Song

5 -4     Listen To The Story

Leçon n°6   Friends 

1 Alphabet

1 Spell a word

3 Presentations

4 Phone number 

Leçon n°7   Running and rollerskating 

7-1 Listen To The Chant

7-4 Listen And Count

7-4  Listen And Draw

7-4 Sing A Song

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