Nelson Mandela, South Africa and rugby

We all know Nelson Mandela Highschool.

But who was Nelson Mandela ?

The 5th graders (CM2) prepared presentations about Nelson Mandela, South Africa and rugby.

At the end, we all watched the movie « Invictus », with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. Here are some of the presentations :

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Assembly at de Monzie

In our school, we gather before each holidays for so called « Bavardages du mois ». It’s a kind of Assembly. Each class presents a reading or an activity done during the period : fencing, a visit in Nantes, circus, how to grow plants etc. The pupils from the 3 SVI classes presented poems (Back to school poems and Halloween poems)

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Nelson-Mandela OIB’s Spirit Week

Today is Twin Day!

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DEAR 2060

Rose and Josephine’s hopes for the future of our society

Rose Le Meur and Josephine Gibert are both 11-graders at Nelson-Mandela. Last year, they recorded a speech in response to the question posed by the EF Challenge committee: 


The EF Challenge is a high school speech competition offering students from around the globe the chance to win a dream trip to New York.


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Trip to Tacoma, WA (USA)

From the 28th of September to the 1st of October, 13 junior OIB students from Nelson-Mandela had the opportunity to participate in the Global Summit organized by Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma (Washington, USA).

Celebrating its twelfth year, the Global Summit is a 10-day program designed to promote peace and social justice by bringing the visiting students to develop their understanding of the concepts of universal human rights, justice, fair trade and sustainable lifestyles, and by demonstrating how the choices that each of us makes every day can impact the world. During the summit, the various speakers, the several field trips, and discussions galore aimed at introducing the participants to a thinking mode that values connections, the worth and dignity of all people and universal human needs and rights.

Over these 10 days, we lived with host families and students from Charles Wright Academy, which was an incredible opportunity for us  to be immersed in American culture and discover the American way of life. Overall, this trip was very fulfilling and intense and allowed us to learn much more than in any purely academic way. It is a human experience that we will never forget! Incredible friendships were born from this exchange, between the students and theirs hosts but also between the different students from the international delegations present at the Summit (Colombia, Poland, France, USA). An essential step on our SIA journey, this trip helped us to better understand American culture, progress in English but also brought us closer within our class. We hope everyone will get the chance to experience such a life-changing trip!

Auriane JOURNET, 11th-grader

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Fall Potluck at Mandela Highschool : great success!

Last Saturday (Oct. 12th), the Mandela Highschool American Association organized a fall potluck to gather families of the 3 international sections : Lycée Mandela, Collège Aristide Briand and Ecole Anatole de Monzie.

Thank you to the MaHSAA for organizing this friendly event and for inviting us all!

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Potluck SIA au lycée Nelson-Mandela samedi 12 octobre

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My dream house!

My house is in Australia. My bedroom has a slide that goes to the pool and I have 3 gardens with a pool with fishes inside.

My living room is really big and there is a big TV. Also I have a little bathroom and I have paintings and a library with books and there’s a tunnel that leads to Scotland !

My pool has a slide with sharks and the slide leads to England.


My dream house

In my dream house we will have a big swimming pool and a big mi bedroom I will have tow slides one slide will go to the swiming pool. There will be a tennis pitch, there will be a beach and a paddle boat.

There will be a 91-storey treehouse, there will be a bowling alley and there will be a karting room. There will be ten babyfoot girls and boys. There will be a restaurant with a big garden. There will be a big kitchen.and a big garden.



In my dream house they would be a giant golden living-room and also a really big pool with five ten-meters diving boards. They would also be a diamond majiestic bedroom with a triple bed and, in my garden , I would have a sauna. I would have my own theme park and I would like to have a godzilla pet.


My Dream House!

My dream house has a giant swimming pool, with a big slide and a real size football pitch. It will be a nice castle ! With a big living room . The bedroom will be huge with an exquisite view !

I will have a bar, and a big moat with a beautiful kayak boat.

The bathroom will have the biggest shower EVER!!!!!!! There will be a laser tag room for up to four players. Outside there will be a karting. There will be a 104-storey treehouse in the backyard. There will be a room for ping-pong. There will be a cinema room with the best chairs ever made! A party would be held every year in my castle. The garden will have the rarest trees ever found! My job would be to design trainers!


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I didn’t do my homework because…

We read the book written by David Cali and found many other funny ideas…

I didn’t do my homework because…

  • I climbed up a tree and I didn’t know how to go down (Athena-CE2).
  • I went to Scotland. (Akapo-CE2)
  • There is a monster in my bedroom. (Maméry-CE2)
  • My cat went to the vet. (Jules-CE2)
  • My dog ate my pencils. (Anna-CE2)
  • I was in a traffic jam. (Akapo-CE2)
  • There was a cow that messed up my house. (Athena-CE2)
  • There is a dinosaur in my garage. (Anaïs-CE2)
  • A lion ate my bedroom. (Akapo-CE2)
  • It was raining cats and dogs so I couldn’t go to my house. (Athena-CE2)
  • There is a fire in my house (Evan-CE2)
  • A monster breaks my bedroom (Anaïs-CE2)
  • My zip is stuck. (Anna-CE2)
  • There was a whale in my pool. (Akapo-CE2)
  • There is a panda in my house. (Maméry-CE2)
  • There is a monster in my bedroom. (Arthur-CE2)
  • A dog ate my homework. (Louis-CE2)
  • A horse ate my homewrok. (Louis-CE2)
  • I am stuck in the grass. (Anna-CE2)
  • My homework has 2 little legs and broke down in my bed. (Athena-CE2)
  • My fish went to the vet. (Jules-CE2)
  • My bed tried to kill me (Louis-CE2)
  • My chair broke. (Akapo-CE2)
  • a monster-wave ate my book. (Maméry-CE2)
  • A storm takes out my homework (Louis-CE2)
  • My cat is guilty because he couldn’t catch a mouse. (Anna-CE2)
  • Yesterday, there was a storm. (Anaïs-CE2)
  • A Smurf ate my homework (Akapo-CE2)
  • I was stuck in very sticky grass. (Athena-CE2)
  • i am a Smurf (Jules-CE2)
  • My book is a monster. (Evan-CE2)
  • My pencil case does not want to give me the pencils. (Louis-CE2)
  • A monster ate my book. (Maméry-CE2)
  • The book breaks (Abygaïl-CE2)
  • I was kidnapped (Leon-CM1)
  • There was an extremely noisy chicken in my room. (Samuel-CM1)
  • My dog is sick. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • There was an atomic bomb in my bedroom (Samuel-CM1)
  • My pencil tried to kill me. (Samuel-CM1)
  • A monster eats me. (Léon-CM1)
  • My bag was in an airplane, and the airplane crashed. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • My teddy bears turned evil. (Hugo-CM1)
  • It’s raining cats and dogs in my house. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • A wave took my homework. (Lola-CM1)
  • My homework is sick. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • My homework is lost in a maze. (Léon-CM1)
  • My homework flies in the sky (Baya-CM1)
  • Satan was pouring lava on my bedroom. (Samuel-CM1)
  • My head is on fire. (Chloé-CM1)
  • I fell in a traffic jam. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • A wave came on my house. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • A panda eats the homework. (Baya-CM1)
  • Yesterday, it was pouring and the homework was wet. (Léon-CM1)
  • A monster ate my house (Raphaël-CM1)
  • My homework is next to my computer and the computer exploded. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • I was lost in a maze (Agathe L-CM1)
  • My house exploded (Leena-CM1)
  • There was a traffic jam in my house. (Samuel-CM1)
  • My dog eats my homework. (Baya-CM1)
  • My book exploded! (Leena-CM1)
  • A meteorite fell on my house. (Samuel -CM1)
  • An army of soldiers took my homework (Hugo-CM1)
  • My homework is in space. (Dimitra – CM1)
  • I ate a banana, it was out of date. (Chloé-CM1)
  • Jupiter crashed me. (Raphaël-CM1)
  • My homework exploded by the sun. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • A tsunami obliterated my house (Samuel -CM1)
  • My house collapsed. (Léon-CM1)
  • I went to the beach, there was a wave, my book is wet. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • I eat too fast. (Lola-CM1)
  • My homework is in Hawai. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • There was a giant nuke (nuclear bomb) in front of my house. (Samuel-CM1)
  • My chickpeas fell on my homework. (Léon-CM1)
  • My dog eats my book. (Leena-CM1)
  • I lost my book in the bedroom. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • My tamagoshi pooped on my homework (Samuel-CM1)
  • My homework jumped into the swimming-pool. (Raphaël-CM1)
  • A monster was under the bed and he ate my homework. (Dimitra-CM1)
  • It was raining cats and dogs in my backpack. (Agathe L-CM1)
  • My homework fell on the grass (Léon-CM1)
  • I forget my homework at the exhibition. (Baya-CM1)
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Back to school!

Here is a back to school poem :

Summer is over, fall is here

Back to school for a brand new year.

Pack your things, on the bus you go

Make new friends and say hello!

Reading, writing, learning more

Than you ever did before.

Adding numbers…1, 2, 3

So much to do, and learn, and see.

I’m glad to meet everyone

Get ready for a year of fun!

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