Correspondance avec le Pays de Galles

Correspondance avec le Pays de Galles


Grâce au Comité de jumelage Gallois du Pouliguen, les CM2 correspondent avec l’école de la commune de Llantwit Major, St Illtyd Primary school. Les élèves échangent par courrier et par mail puis se rencontreront en visioconférence.

Voici les textes de présentation en anglais rédigés par les élèves de CM2 de l’école Paul Lesage.

L’école (Emma L., Clémentine, Inès, Louméa)

Hello, we will introduce you to our school : in our school there are three playground and three  courtyards, we also have three gates and two stairs and four classes and a library.

La classe de CM2 (Anastasiia, Tahina, Louise M., Camille)

Hello, we are going to introduce you to the CM2 class. In our class we are 15 girls and 13 boys, so the total is 28 students. We have a male teacher for Monday, Thursday and Friday and a female teacher for Tuesday. We do not have school on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Le port (Romane, Coraline, Emma M., Hugo)

Hello, we present you the port of Pouliguen. The port is a marina, at the end there is a beach and all kinds of shops and restaurants. There is also a play pool and two bridges.

La côte sauvage (Evan, Maxence, Thiméo, Zachary)

Hello! Welcome to Pouliguen we will introduce you to the wild coast, there is a bike path, rocks, coves, big waves and the Cave of the Korrigans.

Le Bois du Pouliguen (Arthur, Lucas B., Timaï, Titouan)

Hello, our wood is a corner of greenery with basketball courts, tennis, petanque, games and a statue. We’re going to play sports there. We can see squirrels, make huts and play orienteering. There are concerts in the summer. It’s funny!

La plage du Nau (Kaylis, Léa, Maël)

Hello, we will introduce you to the beach of Nau. At the beach of Nau there are many tourists and beach clubs : « La Mouette » and « La Corvette ». There are many restaurants.

La voile (Eliott, Eugénie, Louise S.)

Hello, we sail with our class. We have a sailing school near the school. We sail on optimists, funboats and zest. We picnic at noon on the beach while sailing.

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