Chaplin exhibition at the art museum (5th grade-CM2)

We went to the art museum to see an exhibition on Charlie Chaplin and what surrounded him, like machines, or Hitler for example. He is considered as an « avant-garde » artist.


We went to the exhibition of Charlie Chaplin. We saw a lot of paintings, photos, sculptures. I learned that Charlie Chaplin’s family was very poor.


We learned that the « avant-garde » artists painted, photographed and drew the reality of the social life in the period they lived in. They did not show it how they saw it but how they thought it was. Not the outside but the inside. So, they were very weird. It is like a drea they had. For example, in the Modern Times, Chaplin showed the machines in a very creepy, scary a,d weird way. Other artists showed in their paintings that the machines invade the humans, little by little. Others say that machines nibble the nature, little by little. But other artists showed that machines are fantastic.


I learned that he is an « avant-garde » artist. I liked watching the movies. I liked the painting of a sad clown because it says the story of Charlie Chaplin. I disliked the painting from Chagall, the Circus, because I don’t like the colours. I like the painting showing a machine, because it could be the future.


I learned that Charlie Chaplin was born in England in 1887 and died in 1977. I saw that he did movies and he was very poor during his childhood. I liked a picture with a clown in his cabinet and different pictures that I saw. I did not speak when we were watching the movies, they were very funny.


I learned that some artists were inspired by Charlie Chaplin, for example Fernand Léger. He did a movie showing Chaplin at the end, with geometric figures. There were also some machines and Charlie Chaplin did a movie with machines. There is a French song about Chaplin from « Les Enfantastiques ».


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Why I love to play chess, by Louise (5th grade-CM2)

Hello everybody, Are there chess lovers? Who wants to play with me ? I’m 10 years old, I’m in CM2 (SVI) at Anatole de Monzie. I have a beginner level, I started to learn in France, in my family, then in Thailand with Eli, an American who lives there.

I discover the multiple possibilities of the Knight. The Knight is important because he can move in all directions. It is strategic in this game but others like the Pawn, Bishop, Queen, etc are also fun to play.

The combinations of this game are multiple and sometimes look like real life! It’s very funny.

I really want to continue learning this game, preferably in English. Maybe some of my friends at school would like to learn playing?

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Happy Halloween…back on SUN!

This week, the radio SUN (93FM) is broadcasting the shows written and presented by the 5th graders (CM2) 2 years ago.

If you like scary stories, if you want to know everything about Halloween…follow the below link (sound+texts available) :

5 radio shows :

  • the history of Halloween
  • Interview of Clown Bob
  • Visit a haunted house
  • A recipe : the scary pizza
  • An easy Halloween decoration

Hope you’ll enjoy the show! Happy Halloween!

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London Mine, a poem by Josephine Gibert (11th grader)

Josephine wrote this poem last year as the 10th grader. The goal was then to present a place in the world with which students have a close connection. Josephine was born in London and spent her first 8 years in the big city. She remains fond of London. Her poem shows it very sensitively …

London Mine read by Josephine Gibert

Three options: The poem can be read, listened to (Jo recorded it) and even read/listened at the same time

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Trick or treat!

Halloween atmosphere for the SVI pupils today…

  • The 3rd graders (CE2) dressed up for Halloween!
  • Alexander, our American assistant, presented how he likes to celebrate Halloween and talked about the origins of this celebration,
  • 3rd graders and 4th graders (CE2 & CM1) played a Halloween bingo and could win small prize (play on a computer, decorate a pumpkin, do a Halloween colouring, read and… candies of course)

Happy holidays and a happy Halloween to all of you!

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Nelson Mandela, South Africa and rugby

We all know Nelson Mandela Highschool.

But who was Nelson Mandela ?

The 5th graders (CM2) prepared presentations about Nelson Mandela, South Africa and rugby.

At the end, we all watched the movie « Invictus », with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. Here are some of the presentations :

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Assembly at de Monzie

In our school, we gather before each holidays for so called « Bavardages du mois ». It’s a kind of Assembly. Each class presents a reading or an activity done during the period : fencing, a visit in Nantes, circus, how to grow plants etc. The pupils from the 3 SVI classes presented poems (Back to school poems and Halloween poems)

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Nelson-Mandela OIB’s Spirit Week

Today is Twin Day!

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DEAR 2060

Rose and Josephine’s hopes for the future of our society

Rose Le Meur and Josephine Gibert are both 11-graders at Nelson-Mandela. Last year, they recorded a speech in response to the question posed by the EF Challenge committee: 


The EF Challenge is a high school speech competition offering students from around the globe the chance to win a dream trip to New York.


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Trip to Tacoma, WA (USA)

From the 28th of September to the 1st of October, 13 junior OIB students from Nelson-Mandela had the opportunity to participate in the Global Summit organized by Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma (Washington, USA).

Celebrating its twelfth year, the Global Summit is a 10-day program designed to promote peace and social justice by bringing the visiting students to develop their understanding of the concepts of universal human rights, justice, fair trade and sustainable lifestyles, and by demonstrating how the choices that each of us makes every day can impact the world. During the summit, the various speakers, the several field trips, and discussions galore aimed at introducing the participants to a thinking mode that values connections, the worth and dignity of all people and universal human needs and rights.

Over these 10 days, we lived with host families and students from Charles Wright Academy, which was an incredible opportunity for us  to be immersed in American culture and discover the American way of life. Overall, this trip was very fulfilling and intense and allowed us to learn much more than in any purely academic way. It is a human experience that we will never forget! Incredible friendships were born from this exchange, between the students and theirs hosts but also between the different students from the international delegations present at the Summit (Colombia, Poland, France, USA). An essential step on our SIA journey, this trip helped us to better understand American culture, progress in English but also brought us closer within our class. We hope everyone will get the chance to experience such a life-changing trip!

Auriane JOURNET, 11th-grader

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