Each class, from CP to CM2, is working on ANZAC Day. See the first productrions done at home by the pupils!

What is ANZAC Day?

ANZAC means Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

ANZAC Day is a day to remember the soldiers who died during World War 1 and World War 2.

This celebration started from Gallipoli battle that took place on April 25 1915. It lasted 8 months and about 8 000 Australians died.

Poppies are a symbol of  ANZAC day because they were the first flowers to grow in the fields in Belgium and the North in France and it is also the color of the soldiers’ blood.

Rosemary has become a national symbol because in Gallipoli it grows on the battle field.

Cookies (Anzac biscuits) are also a symbol of ANZAC Day as the families sent food to the soldiers.

Agathe C (5th grade)

ANZAC biscuits, made by Ariane (3rd grade)
Made by Julien and his family (1st grade)
Poppies, by Pauline (3rd grade)
A poppy, by Agathe C (5th grade)
ANZAC DAY, by Leena (5th grade)

For Anzac Day, we decided to create a model. All the poppies represent the soldiers : their life and death.

The letters are decorated to remember that day.

The poppies get out from the earth like a new birth.

I enjoy a lot that work and I hope that I succeeded to create a real poppy field.

MARTIN (3rd grade)

a gift from Simon (Martin’s brother and former SIA pupil)
Rosemary and poppy, by Ariane (3rd grade)

We made a poppy with red tissue, wire, string dipped in black paint and green tape, and added some rosemary from the garden.


Chloé (5th grade) : »I drew with a nice writing the word ANZAC day and I made poppies with paper. »
ANZAC biscuits, by Abygail (4th grade)
Homemade poppy, by Abygail
Charlie’s biscuits (4th grade)
From Barthelemy (3rd grade) with the help of his sister Lucie (middle-schooler and former-SIA pupil;)
From Akapo (4th grade)

Maméry (4th grade) :

Qu’est-èce que ANZAC Day ?

ANZAC signifie Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

Le 25 avril 1915 a commencé la bataille des Dardanelles. il y a eu beaucoup de morts et de blessés Australiens et Néo Zélandais.

ANZAC Day est une commémoration de cette bataille.

Teacher’s note : A Villers-Bretonneux en France, il existe un Mémorial Australien. Tous les ans, une commémoration est organisée pour ANZAC Day.

Voici le programme de ANZAC Day 2019 :

  • 3h00 : ouverture du site 
  • 4h00 : début du pré-programme 
  • 5h30 : début de la cérémonie 
  • 6h30 : fin de la cérémonie 
  • 8h30 : cérémonie au monument aux morts de Villers-Bretonneux 
  • 15h00 : cérémonie au Mémorial de Bullecourt

Un texte écrit par Arthur (CM1) à partir des exposés en anglais de Kervie, Anna, Akapo, Raphaël et Hugo :

Le 25 avril 1915 commença la bataille de Gallipoli (Turquie). Elle dura 8 mois. Beaucoup de soldats sont morts (dont plus de 8 000 Australiens). Beaucoup ont été blessés.

Dans les années 1920, ANZAC Day est devenu un jour pour se souvenir des Australiens qui sont morts pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale.

Tous les ans, le 25 avril, on se souvient des soldats et on les honore. On commémore aussi ceux qui ont servi pendant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale.

Que fait-on en Australie pour ANZAC Day? (raconté par des élèves qui ont vécu en Australie) :

  • Les gens se rendent au cimetière.
  • Il y a des marches.
  • Les coquelicots sont un symbole d’ANZAC Day parce que ce sont les premières fleurs à pousser sur les champs de bataille en Belgique et dans le nord de la France et c’est la couleur du sang.
  • Le romarin est devenu un symbole national parce qu’à Gallipoli il a poussé sur les champs de bataille.
  • On cuisine des ANZAC biscuits : les familles des soldats leur envoyaient ces biscuits qui se conservaient longtemps et avaient une forte valeur nutritionnelle.
From Arthur, 4th grade
Made by Raphaël, 5th grade
wordsearch, by Raphaël, 5th grade : have fun playing!
Fabienne’s ANZAC biscuits
From Lola, 5th grade

From Baya 5th grade
Baya, 5th grade
from Basile, 3rd grade
Jean-Baptiste, 1st grade
Boubacar, 1st grade
Zélie, 1st grade
Klervie, 4th grade
Adem, 3rd grade
Silas, Valentin, Uriel, Léa – 2nd grade
Malia Selma, Silas, Daënerys – 2nd grade
Maël, Valentin, Anna, Julien, 1st grade
ANZAC biscuits, by Maya, 4th grade

Poppies made of plastic bottles, by Pauline, 3rd grade

A paper poppy, by Vanessa, 3rd grade

Congratulations to all for your creativity!

To be continued …;)

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Diary of a Confined Kid #61 (Akapo, 4th grade)

This morning I woke up at 10 am I gave food to my guinea pigs. Their names are Flash and Franck. And I pat MY GUINEA PIGS. Flash is the black one and Franck is the caramel one.

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Akapo’s book report : Diary of a Wimpy Kid

                           DIARY     OF A WIMPY KID   Double Down                                                                                      

The story is about a kid who is talking about his life and the kid’s name is Greg Heffley. Greg thinks that his life was filmed because one day he saw a movie about a guy and his life was a movie and he didn’t know it. He thought that his life was like the guy in the movie. His mom thinks that his son is not smart enough so she took him to orthography lessons so he can stop forgetting his “ e ”. He had fun in these lessons and one day he didn’t forget his “e” anymore. So he gets rejected from the group. He tries to find something to do. A

nd there was a crazy Halloween party every year. But only people that are in the school band can go. So he tries the piano lessons and he doesn’t like it, so he tries the French horn. BUT HE SAW that only people belonging to the flute section could come, so he had an idea. Rowley, his friend is in the flute section so he just needs to be part of Rowley’s costume, which was giant pants so he went to the party.

The next day he wanted candies and he had again an idea to make a horror movie to win money and IT didn’t work.




Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11: Double Down: Kinney, Jeff: Livres  anglais et étrangers
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Diary of a Confined Kid #60 (Oren, 3rd grade)

​One of the reasons why I was not at school…I fell down (not head first), hit my head, there was blood all over my face and now.. well umm..


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Diary of a Confined Kid #59 (Chloé 5th grade)

this morning I did a chocolate eggs hunt. After, I try to put a leash on my rabbits. It’s very funny😁, because when they run, I run too.
On the picture, you can see Vanille, I run after him.


The Diary of a Confined Kid is back 😁! (inspired by the Diary of a Wimpy Kid) Hopefully for a short period …

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1) eBook: Kinney, Jeff:
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Our Artist Trading Cards are ready!

We have finished drawing and writing on our 130 Artist Trading Cards. They are now on the way to McDonald International School in Seattle! We hope our penpals will like them because we really enjoyed received their cards!

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St Patrick’s day at school

Happy Saint Patrick’s day ! (by Akapo, Anna, Klervie)

1/ What is St Patrick’s day ?
St patrick’s day is an Irish party On St Patrick’s day, we do parades in Ireland (when there is no covid!).

2/ What we did at school
We wear green or we get pinched and we did Irish games.
We did a « musical shamrock » ; to play musical shamrock, you need music and photos of shamrocks.
How to play?
We stick shamrocks on the floor. Then, we play music and we have to go on the shamrocks when the music stops. If you don’t go on the shamrock you lose.

Shamrock cake, by Barthelemy
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Homemade brownies, by Martin

Thanks Martin for sharing this delicious recipe and for writing the recipe by yourself.

During the holidays, we made brownies.

First, mix 250g butter with 125g chocolate and turn off the heat.

Then, add : 200g sugar, 175g flour.

Mix with the chocolate.

If you want, you can put nuts.

Then, bake the brownies. 25 minutes at 175°C.

Cut it in little squares.


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Bandung for the Dummies

Some Seniors have made this StopMotion film in order to explain the Bandung Conference (1955)

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Home made lamingtons, by Selma (2nd grade)

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