Snow White : our funny picture book

Because of the lockdown, we could not finalize and present our play (Snow White).

So, we had to be creative and find another way to perform.

Many thanks to all the 5th graders who took pictures at home, recorded their text with enthusiasm. The result is awesome! Here are only a few pictures :

The narrator
Snow White 1
The Queen 1
The huntsman
The magic mirror
Queen 2
Snow White 2
The Prince
Will you marry me?

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A Year in SIA (well, half a year)

By Alexandra Jonas

Not to be too sentimental but my previous years of high school back in Toronto were unsatisfying to say the least… I had few friends, save the handful who could stand my constant complaining and dissociative disposition. I was a moody cynic who dreaded going to school and facing my fellow classmates. I thought that that was how life was supposed to be. Dull, miserable, and filled with people you cannot stand. 

After months of back and forth between Lycee Nelson Mandela and my tenacious mother who had taken note of my lack-luster nature, a year-long exchange was finally organized. My dream had come true, I was going to France. 

Spending grade 11 in SIA at Nelson Mandela was one of, if not the best, things that has ever happened to me. Many people back home told me I would be bullied and make no friends in Nantes because my French skills were subpar and I was too “cold and heartless”. I took these warnings with a grain of salt because the people who were hurling them at me were the exact same people I so desperately wanted to get away from. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the whole exchange was a mistake, and the night before my flight was a sleepless one, marked by tears of regret and anxious pacing. 

The first few days at my new school went as you could expect. Nothing too surprising except for the confusingly long row of unused canvasses in the middle of the hallway and the gourmet coffee machine. I tagged along with a variety of people whose names I can no longer remember and spoke very little. Then one day in English class Mrs.Barstow had assigned the first of many group projects and I was with Erin, Iagoda and Cynthia. That day everything changed.  I started talking, yelling and even making jokes. Only a few weeks into the school year and I had already developed some amazing friends. 

English and history class have always been a haven for me, back at my school in Toronto and especially in Nantes, because it meant that I was allowed to speak my maternal language. They have always been the only courses in which I thrived. I thoroughly enjoyed the topics we studied and understood almost everything, contrary to my experience in math and science related topics, where I struggled to comprehend even the simplest of formulas. 

SIA made me grow a stronger appreciation for my nationality. I used to think Americans were loud and annoying and Canadians were meek and boring. I resented the fact that my maternal language was English because of its widespread popularity. It didn’t feel personal because so many people across the world spoke it. But in studying typically North American topics I realized that we actually do have fascinating history and that my heritage really is something to be proud of.

Overall, SIA was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to make some of my strongest friendships and finally accept, and even embrace, my identity as a Canadian, despite the school year being cut short by three months.

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Keeper of the Lost Cities : a book review by Lucie (5th grade-CM2)

I read a very good and famous book, it is “Keeper of the Lost Cities”, by Shannon Messenger. It is a story about an elf, Sophie. 

Sophie has always lived in the human world.

Sophie has been a telepath since the age of five, after a big fall.  Her old neighbor, who was a bit spooky, never took his eyes off her. But one day a very handsome boy told her that he was not a human but an elf. So she goes into her world and makes lots of friends. Sophie and Dex, her friend, are kidnapped.

Their kidnappers gave her a lot of sedatives, so that she couldn’t call for help. They had also invented a system for the other elves to believe they were dead.  Sophie’s human neighbor saved them.

I read all about “Keeper of the Lost Cities”. There are eight books, but the story is going on !

“Keeper of the Lost Cities” is my favourite book.

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Diary of a Confined Kid #58 : Loïc (3rd grade-CE2)

I am happy because I am happy!

I learn to play poker and rami.

I read 3 books of Harry Potter. 


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Diary of a Confined Kid #57 : Victor (5th grade-CM2)

Some people can say : “Yes!! He’s coming”

Other people say : “Noooo! He’s coming!”

What is the answer?

If you were thinking The Covid-19, then you’re wrong.

It’s Colt!!   (Colt is Victor’s dog)

I mean, seriously, people can be afraid of Colt, not when he jumps or when he barks.

When he likes someone, he does the most damage. Ya, no kidding!

And do you want to know what’s the most annoying thing he does?

It’s when he gives, like, a pineone, and one hour later we have a bunch of brown things in the carpet. That’s it …

P.S. : I forgot, AGAIN, to write  on May 11th. Well, I promise I will think of it  next time.

P.P.S : Actually, I promise nothing. He He …

P.P.P.S.S.S.S.S. : By bye now

P.P.P.P. S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S..S.S. : And take care

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Cadavre exquis… suite

A l’occasion du 1er avril, les élèves de l’école avaient préparé des « silly sentences », sur le principe du cadavre exquis. Voici le tableau à nouveau, avec des ajouts récents des élèves.

How to play?

1/ Ask your partner to choose 4 numbers between 1 and 34 (exp 4 – 14 – 2 – 7)

2/ Then refer to the chart and take : word nb 4 of the 1st colum, word nb 14 of the 2nd column, word nb 2 of the 3rd column, word nb 7 of the 4th column)

Read the sentence : « Next week-end, my brother and I will have a flying car in my college. »

1At breakfast, tomorrow,my parentswill do a jokein a stadium.
2In a century,my friendwill have a flying carin the park .
3At 12pm,my sisterwill have a football gameon Mars.
4Next week-end,Iwill do my homeworkin Buckingham Palace.
5Tomorrow,my catwill play with a ballbetween the tables.
6In summer,my family and Iwill go  to New Zealand
7Next year,Iwill goin my college
8Next Thursdaya mousewill eat a piece of cheesein the fridge.
9In December Iwill open  my presentsin the toilets
10 TonightSanta Clauswill drop a pooin the chimney !!!!!!!!!
11When I’ll be old Iwill watch tv late at nightin my living room
12In a million years,peoplewill travelto the moon.
13Tonight, at 8pm,will clap to thank the medical staffin my garden.
14Tomorrow,my brother and I will play basketballin our bedroom.
15Latergrand-ma’will grow plantsin her garden.
16Next weekmy sisterwill buy a dogin the shop.
17In the eveningmy catwill jumpon the balcony.
18Next yearIwill pierce my earsat the pharmacy.
19This afternoonIwill dance ‘Poker face’ by Lady Gagain the kitchen.
20This afternoonmy parents and Iwill do some sportin the living room.
21Tomorroweveryonewill celebrate April fool’s dayin the entire world.
22In ten secondsIwill get bored of writingon my computer.
23In three years,my friend Julot will be a ping pong champion  in New York
24In 8492The gardenWill jumpOn the door
25Two weeks afterthe captain of the space ship will build a new shipOn the toilet
26In the future my little sisterwill readIn a robot’s fabric
27 One year afterthe huntsman will go To my classroom
28 In Decemberthe huntsman and mewill beTo the basketball match.
29Next year, my friend Marywill eat  in the countryside.
30In a million years,peoplewill travelto the moon.
31Tonight, at 8pm,Iwill clap to thank the medical staffin my garden.
32Tomorrow,my brother and Iwill play basketballin our bedroom.
33 In a million yearsdinosaurs  will come backTo Earth. 
34 In a thousand yearsLeonardo da Vinci  Will appearOn Mars. 
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Diary of a Confined Kid #56 : Louis (3rd grade-CE2)

Day 8

I’m feeling okay. I’m not sick. There is nobody in the other apartments. When we go outside, we take: our jackets, a scooter, and a lasso. My dad is teaching me to throw the lasso. I can’t ride the scooter and throw it at the same time. At least not yet!

New words: lasso

Day 9

I have been watching “The Tales of the Gold Monkey,” a television series about an explorer, a dog named Jack, an airplane which is called “Cutter’s Goose.” In the last episode, they found a treasure on an island. The treasure was hidden in a cave high up on a mountain.

Yesterday, my mother went into her bedroom to call her colleagues and have a meeting on the telephone.

New word: colleagues

Day 10

Hello. Today I’m going to talk about the biggest horse in the world. The biggest horse in the world was a Shire born in 1846 (eighteen forty-six). At the age of six years, he measured 2 meters, 25 centimeters. Usually, we don’t ride a horse this tall! It will be strange to begin riding again!

New word: Shire ˈshī(-ə)r (breed of horse)

[Mom] [Dad]

[Gold Monkey?] [Talking to friends?]

[Pandemic?] [Jumping Jacks]

Day 13

I think about the last time I went riding. We did three jumps at the trot and then we galloped three lengths. I rode “Sa Majesté,” who is a super good pony. He is nice. He really likes kids. Every week, he has eight different riders.

New words: to gallop, length/width

Day 14

Yesterday, we flew a toy glider. It was so windy! It has been windy for three days now. From the window today, I saw the little tree next to the building across has blown over. It has been hard to sleep.

New words: glider, blown over

Day 16

Yesterday, I watched Bonanza on my television. It is an American television program about a ranch called the “Ponderosa” in Nevada in the 1870s. Dad cut his own hair today, all by himself. It looks okay. I’m surprised!

New words: (“T.V.” /ti :vi:/; television; Ponderosa; Nevada)

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PERCY JACKSON – a book review by Athena (3rd grade-CE2)

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Diary of a Confined Kid #55 : Victor (5th grade-CM2)

Ok, I’m not allowed to stress. Huh huh …no stress zone.

You’re probably wondering why I am stressing.

Well, it’s my birthday in 19 days.

Now I shall let you continue milord

OKAY. I’m going to rererere-write my list. Okay, check, check, oops I forgot to write that (writing, writing…) (One space time, continuing later).


I think that I have all of the 101 presents on my list. (Actually, I’ve only ordered like 4 things, maybe more, I don’t know).

I’m going to tell you what I want : a video game, a Lego, two comics and all CDs of Black M – he’s my favourite rap singer. I’m going  to sing you the chorus of Mrs Pavoshko (Hi Mme Pavoshko non j’suis pas en prison ou à l’hosto, non j’fais des hits Mme Pavloshka et vos gosses me kiffent Mme Pavochko, oui oui oui.)

Take care, bye bye now !

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