The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, summary by Lucie N, Emma L and Lucie C :

The Secret Garden has been written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The story is about a selfish little girl, Mary, who was born in India.

Her parents die, so she goes to her uncle’s house in Yorkshire, England.

When she arrives in the house, it is not welcoming.

Her uncle, Master Craven, is never there, he is always travelling.

In the manor, there are Mrs Medlock the housekeeper, Martha the maid.

One day , Mary finds the key of the secret Garden. Now, she takes care of the secret Garden secretly with her new friend Dickon .

Mary discovers that the wife of Master Craven died in this garden because she was on a branche of a tree and she fell and she died. So Master Craven hates this Garden.

One night she hears a cry for the second time . She discovers that it is a boy called Colin. He is the son of Master Craven. Mary and Dickon show the secret garden to Colin. One Day, while they were running to the door of the secret Garden, Master Craven is there. The three friends explain all the story to Master Craven. He discovers the inner beauty of the garden and his happiness is back in his heart!

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