My dream house!

My house is in Australia. My bedroom has a slide that goes to the pool and I have 3 gardens with a pool with fishes inside.

My living room is really big and there is a big TV. Also I have a little bathroom and I have paintings and a library with books and there’s a tunnel that leads to Scotland !

My pool has a slide with sharks and the slide leads to England.


My dream house

In my dream house we will have a big swimming pool and a big mi bedroom I will have tow slides one slide will go to the swiming pool. There will be a tennis pitch, there will be a beach and a paddle boat.

There will be a 91-storey treehouse, there will be a bowling alley and there will be a karting room. There will be ten babyfoot girls and boys. There will be a restaurant with a big garden. There will be a big kitchen.and a big garden.



In my dream house they would be a giant golden living-room and also a really big pool with five ten-meters diving boards. They would also be a diamond majiestic bedroom with a triple bed and, in my garden , I would have a sauna. I would have my own theme park and I would like to have a godzilla pet.


My Dream House!

My dream house has a giant swimming pool, with a big slide and a real size football pitch. It will be a nice castle ! With a big living room . The bedroom will be huge with an exquisite view !

I will have a bar, and a big moat with a beautiful kayak boat.

The bathroom will have the biggest shower EVER!!!!!!! There will be a laser tag room for up to four players. Outside there will be a karting. There will be a 104-storey treehouse in the backyard. There will be a room for ping-pong. There will be a cinema room with the best chairs ever made! A party would be held every year in my castle. The garden will have the rarest trees ever found! My job would be to design trainers!


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