Trip to Tacoma, WA (USA)

From the 28th of September to the 1st of October, 13 junior OIB students from Nelson-Mandela had the opportunity to participate in the Global Summit organized by Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma (Washington, USA).

Celebrating its twelfth year, the Global Summit is a 10-day program designed to promote peace and social justice by bringing the visiting students to develop their understanding of the concepts of universal human rights, justice, fair trade and sustainable lifestyles, and by demonstrating how the choices that each of us makes every day can impact the world. During the summit, the various speakers, the several field trips, and discussions galore aimed at introducing the participants to a thinking mode that values connections, the worth and dignity of all people and universal human needs and rights.

Over these 10 days, we lived with host families and students from Charles Wright Academy, which was an incredible opportunity for us  to be immersed in American culture and discover the American way of life. Overall, this trip was very fulfilling and intense and allowed us to learn much more than in any purely academic way. It is a human experience that we will never forget! Incredible friendships were born from this exchange, between the students and theirs hosts but also between the different students from the international delegations present at the Summit (Colombia, Poland, France, USA). An essential step on our SIA journey, this trip helped us to better understand American culture, progress in English but also brought us closer within our class. We hope everyone will get the chance to experience such a life-changing trip!

Auriane JOURNET, 11th-grader

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