Chaplin exhibition at the art museum (5th grade-CM2)

We went to the art museum to see an exhibition on Charlie Chaplin and what surrounded him, like machines, or Hitler for example. He is considered as an « avant-garde » artist.


We went to the exhibition of Charlie Chaplin. We saw a lot of paintings, photos, sculptures. I learned that Charlie Chaplin’s family was very poor.


We learned that the « avant-garde » artists painted, photographed and drew the reality of the social life in the period they lived in. They did not show it how they saw it but how they thought it was. Not the outside but the inside. So, they were very weird. It is like a drea they had. For example, in the Modern Times, Chaplin showed the machines in a very creepy, scary a,d weird way. Other artists showed in their paintings that the machines invade the humans, little by little. Others say that machines nibble the nature, little by little. But other artists showed that machines are fantastic.


I learned that he is an « avant-garde » artist. I liked watching the movies. I liked the painting of a sad clown because it says the story of Charlie Chaplin. I disliked the painting from Chagall, the Circus, because I don’t like the colours. I like the painting showing a machine, because it could be the future.


I learned that Charlie Chaplin was born in England in 1887 and died in 1977. I saw that he did movies and he was very poor during his childhood. I liked a picture with a clown in his cabinet and different pictures that I saw. I did not speak when we were watching the movies, they were very funny.


I learned that some artists were inspired by Charlie Chaplin, for example Fernand Léger. He did a movie showing Chaplin at the end, with geometric figures. There were also some machines and Charlie Chaplin did a movie with machines. There is a French song about Chaplin from « Les Enfantastiques ».


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