The Cat in the Hat…the real end!

Do you know the famous story from Dr Seuss, The Cat in the Hat? If not, you should read it!

At the end, the children choose not to tell the mum about what happened with the Cat in the Hat.

But…the 5th graders imagine that the fish decides to tell her the truth…. Here are the stories :

I will tell you what happened. So, all started when the cat in the hat arrived. I should make that cat go away but they didn’t listen to me. The Cat in the Hat made a big mess. Then, he came back and get rid of this big mess and, with a tip on his hat, he disappeared !


Oh, mother, oh mother, while you were not here, a cat in the hat came in the house and put a huge mess in the house ! He bent our new rake and messed up our cake and did all other trouvles. Then, he came with a big red box and in the box, there were…. Two things ! There was Thing 1, Thing 2. They put even more mess in the house but Steve caught the two Things. There was a huge mess but the Cat in the Hat cleaned all up with his machine. He left the room and they you came in the house !


Well, I will tell you the truth : The Cat in the Hat was here, in the house and he did a big mess. I said not to do it, but they didn’t want to listen to me.

The ball was down, the cake fell down. And after, a red box with Thing 1 and Thing 2 was doing a big, big, big mess !

So, it is all !


Well, here is what happened : a while ago, a cat in the hat came to the house and showed us some tricks, but his tricks are bad. After having destroed somme stuff, he wanted to repair by himself. So, he brought two Things. Jeff caught them;The Cat in the Hat cleaned the house and went away.


Hello mum, I have something to tell you. Well, the Cat in the Hat came in our house and he did a lot of bad tricks. First, he took a lot of things like a toy ship, a rake, a hook, me and a lot of other things. Then, he took a box in his hands and two things ran in all the house and destroyed everything. Then, sally said that it wasn’t a godd idea. So, the Cat in the Hat took a machine and cleaned the house. After, he went ti his home and then you came.


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