Let’s cook pancakes!

The tradition in England : On Pancake Day, which is always on a Tuesday, we eat pancakes with sugar, lemon juice, honey or jam, and sometimes maple syrup.

It’s a tradition to toss the pancake, and you have to be careful how you catch it!

In some cities, town and villages, there are Pancake Races, where you run with a pancake pan and where you must toss a pancake. The winner is the one who never drops his pancake.

A very easy pancake recipe :

Ingredients :

  • eggs : 2
  • sugar : 4 teaspoons
  • milk : 25cl
  • flour : 340g
  • backing powder
  • a pich of salt

1/ Mix together eggs and milk.

2/Add the sugar.

3/ Add flour and baking powder. Mix together.

4/ Add a pinch of salt

5/ Cook the pancakes one by one in a pan.

Yummy !

Here is a famous pancake day rhyme
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