Diary of a Confined Kid #1 : Athena (3rd grade-CE2)

Some vocabulary :

To move : déménager / A slide : un toboggan / The cops : les policiers

Well, I’m really happy because we moved in our new apartment but …it’s not the best thing : because of the coronavirus, we can’t see our friends that live next door.

There are lots of kids from school that live in the apartment right next to ours and also that group of apartments are in a circle and there is a park in the middle of them and all of us go to play in the park : there is even a little wooden house for little kids and, with my sister, we use its roof like a slide, it’s so much fun.

But now, we can’t see our friends because of the President’s decision.

When we go to the park, we have nobody to play with.

It’s kind of annoying. Apart from homework and TV, the only thing we can do without being bored is go on the balcony. On the balcony, you can see the Loire river (but the bridge disturbs me).

It is funny because, now, everyone needs a paper to go outside to do important stuff to survive, like running, doing sport, buying food, without being contaminated by the coronavirus.

We can see the cops stopping every car to see if the people inside have their paper.

The worst thing is that we are in the middle of boxes. Hopefully, we found the box with games in it!

These are the weirdest holidays of my like. Oh, sorry, it’s not a holiday but I don’t know how to call it… Let’s call in the “holiday of the horrible coronavirus”! Yes, that’s a good name.

Well, see you next time. Bye, bye!


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