Scare your Dad, a story by Julien (1st grader)

New at Anatole de Monzie : we are now officially an S.I.A. (Section Internationale Américaine), and it is now open to all levels, from 1st grade (CP) to 5th grade (CM2)!

Here is a story written by Julien (with the help of his mum) :

How to scare you Dad?

It’s not easy to scare your Dad. Even harder than scaring your Mum. Check our collection for details :

  • Start by listening to the radio on monsters, dinosaurs and scary things like ghosts.
  • You really can scare your Dad with this booklet.
  • Tell him shadows are monsters, dinosaurs and ghosts. Most likely they are monsters.
  • Explain how he has to be cautious because these monsters are always under his feet.
  • Don »t walk on the dark. You might get spied.
  • Burst our a him saying « Woooohh » so he thinks you are a ghost or something else scary. Test several options to see what scares him best.
  • Pretending to be a lion might get him to jump out of his pyjamas at night. THE END
I am scared!
It’s scary!
A shadow
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