What we have learnt about NZ (by the 3rd-graders / CE2)

« There are many animals : a lot of birds (the kakapo, the kea, the kiwi, the kaka, a kind of pigeon…), sheep, dolphins, penguins, glowworms, seals, insects. And an eagle that is now exctinct.

The Parliament is called the Beehive. It’s located in Wellington.

There is a big museum called « Te Papa ».

In Auckland, there is a sky tower.

We saw pictures of the beach.

In Rotarua, it stinks (sulphur) and there are geysers.

There are volcanoes.

The mountains are called The Southern Alps (where the kea lives).

There is a city called Christchurch.

There is a big lake at the south of NZ.

The kowhai tree is NZ Christmas tree. »

The SIA-3rd graders group

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