First days in 5th grade

New School Year Begins in Many Countries

Hello, I am Barthelemy and I am goind to present you my first days in 5th grade. My teacher is so nice and there are lotf of my friends in this class.

We did PE (sport) the first day.

We do lots of grammar, maths, spelling.

Sometimes, we are all ears !

We did 4 dictations and every Monday, we have pourcentages for our score. My best score is 98 %.

I am good in this class because it’s my level. It’s difficult and simple at the same time.

Goodbye !

Hello, I am Oren, and today, I am going to talk about my first days in 5th grade. It was very exciting and I was nervous. It was a bit easier than I thought because at home, I was doing a lot of grammar and spelling but I kind of did all that for nothing.

Not all the friends I had last year are in my class or in 5th grade because I skipped a grade.

So far, I like the thigs we’re doing but some things could be better like sports, which is not very intense (I like intense!).

It is definitely harder than last year’s work, so that’s good.

I felt like I grew a lot. It doesn’t feel at all the same as last year because last year, I really got used to the kids and teachers. But that’s kind of normal.

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