Saint Patrick in Poems…

The Première SIA pay tribute to Ireland’s Patron Saint

by Rayana M., SIA Premiere

St-Patrick’s day

It’s the seventeen of MarCh,

Let’s sing Irish sOngs !

Let’s wear gReen ! 

Let’s put up shamrOck chaiNs !

TodAy’s a celebration day.

Let’s feel the St-Patrick’s VIbe !

Let’s dRink GUinesS!

But at home please, because..

by  Garance J., SIA Premiere

St Patrick’s Day Visual Poem

Saint Patrick’s day

Under Ireland’s bright blue sky,

The leprechauns lurking here, spy,

The Irish pick unique shamrocks,

Thoroughly counting the four leaves,

Clovers found hidden in their socks,

They slurp the beer the fear gives,

Gael and Bean hope for blessed health,

And pray for lasting luck and wealth.

by Erin L., SIA Premiere

“Patricus”, by Alexandra Jonas

Patron saint of Ireland, 

Aluminary you will remain

Till the emerald valleys of this great nation are

Riddled with soft decay.

In shamrocks and pots of gold

Coloured orange, white and green,

United this country will 

Stand to remember Maewyn’s demise tenderly.

by    Laure Goodweather , SIA Premiere

Saint Patrick acrostic by Zoé B-C.

Shamrocks out everybody !

All around the world, Irish gather suddenly 

It’s Saint Patrick’s day ! 

No excuses not to pray

This also applies to partayyy

Plenty of little green men in the street

All of them looking for a little treat

The happiness is filling the atmosphere 

Right, just as the barman fills mugs with beer

Ireland you are celebrated everywhere

Celtic harps and horseshoes are worn as much as underwear  

Known for such a long time, Saint Patrick, you will stay eternal 

Acrostic poem about Saint Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks and kelly green 

Around the world

Ireland for homeland

Near Limerick

There runs a stream full of gold

Patron Saint of Ireland

Aformer captive in our Lands

Travelled away only to return where 

Rainbows merge together

In belief of God’s promises

Charming its people with luck 

Kaleidoscope of three-leafed clovers

Symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity

Dare I call the Leprechaun hiding in its gold

And meet up under the Celtic Cross’ Sun

Yellow-shafted flickers flitting to their Father

by   Auriane J., SIA Premiere

Saint Patrick’s day

Such a wonderful day of rejoicings,

Aday to celebrate with songs

In cities and towns and buildings

No leprechaun hides, and among

Them, clovers dancing and singing.

Paddy is celebrated like a king,

Asavior, a source of inspiration,

The founder of a religion.

Rest in peace”, sings the leprechaun

Iwill celebrate all day long”

Celebrations are a phenomenon

Keep on commemorating and be strong. 

by    Chloé B., SIA Premiere

You make my head dizzle and wizzle

find blue whales and talk to silverfish 

tonight I’ll sleep in the white paradise

Where the air is so pure 

that we forget about time 

my friends and I in canaille

like I used to dream

as like as before

as like as before

as like as before

when the beat goes on

and liquid of all sort flows

my heads and souls cease  

by     Nathan P., SIA Premiere

by    Leo R., SIA Premiere

St Patrick’s Day poem

by  Marine P. , SIA Premiere

Seventeenth of march is a very special day 

To all the Irish citizens. 

Partying for the little leprechaun 

And to have luck and coin.

Take a beer and drink with us 

Rehearse our song and dance with us 

wish you find a four-leaf clover, because today 

Color your day in green 

Keep the smile for the rest of the day!

St Patrick Day

St Patrick’s Day now fell upon us

The harps play O’Carolan melodies through the streets

Peaceful euphoria as the whole town shines in green

And the Irish celebrate his death

Tends to search for gold at the end of rainbows

The roaring crowd of violent leprechauns 

I’ll wear a shamrock to

Clear the land of spine-chilling snakes

Kings as they walk over Irish land 

Deluge of delight pure as a diamond

And since all you truly wish for is luck

You’ll wear a shamrock too

by Shana C.,  SIA Premiere

by     Lisa V., SIA Premiere

St. Patrick’s Day- acrostic poem

Saint-Patrick, a man who most now very few about

Today we celebrate him , a day we can all act out 

Parades are held all across the world

Although this year seems calmer than ever 

Twirling, dancing and even swirl do people to fill their Irish pleasure 

Rain, wind not even storm could stop the tradition from spreading 

Irish culture around the streets as crowded as an Irish wedding 

Could such a day be celebrated without the contact humans share?

Knowing Irishmen throughout their smiles the celebration will continue without a care

by  Mariam T. SIA Premiere

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