Diary of a Confined Kid #23 : Louis (3rd grade-CE2)

Day 8

I’m feeling okay. I’m not sick. There is nobody in the other apartments. When we go outside, we take : our jackets, a scooter, and a lasso. My dad is teaching me to throw the lasso. I can’t ride the scooter and throw it at the same time. At least not yet!

New word: lasso

a lasso
a scooter

Day 9

I have been watching “The Tales of the Gold Monkey,” a television series about an explorer, a dog named Jack, an airplane which is called “Cutter’s Goose.” In the last episode, they found a treasure on an island. The treasure was hidden in a cave high up on a mountain.

Yesterday, my mother went into her bedroom to call her colleagues and have a meeting on the telephone.

New word: colleagues

Day 11

Hello. Today I’m going to talk about the biggest horse in the world. The biggest horse in the world was a Shire born in 1846 (eighteen forty-six). At the age of six years, he measured 2 meters, 25 centimeters. Usually, we don’t ride a horse this tall! It will be strange to begin riding again!

New word: Shire ˈshī(-ə)r (breed of horse)

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