Semaine des langues # 1 : a « Genially » activity in each class, from CP to CM2

This week, from April 4th to 9th, it’s the national « Semaine des langues ».

A good opportunity to be curious about all foreign languages.

Every day, each class discovers a new culture :     


(to be continued)

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Assembly at school today

At the end, every body sang a song with the word « Hello » in different languages :

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a message from Daënerys : some Irish dance

Daënerys a visité la foire de Nantes et a pu regarder un spectacle de danses irlandaises (vidéo trop volumineuse à regarder ici mais nous la regardons en classe).

Autre lien : Spectacles de la troupe Nantes Irish Dance, accompagnée des musiciens de Gaolta.

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Sofia and the Invisible man (by Johnny – 2nd grade – Part 1)

There once was a little girl named Sofia. She was a very adventurous girl.

One day she went in the woods, then she saw a house. So she went inside to investigate the house. But then she heard some footsteps so she hid under the cupboard. It was the invisible man and he was about to go into the forest to chop down trees.

Once he was outside the forest Sofia decided to investigate the whole house. When she went to the living room she saw many precious things like a collection of rubies. But there wasn’t a sign of danger in that abandoned house so she continued to investigate.

When she was about to go to the kitchen she heard a very strange noise from the living room. It was the invisible man, he wanted to check if anyone was there. He went to the to the living see and he saw his collection of rubies spoilt. And now he was sure someone had been in his house. But he stopped finding because he wanted to finish his project in the forest.

When Sofia knew that the invisible man had gone outside she again continued to investigate, so she went into the kitchen. Now Sofia was feeling hungry so she decided to look in the fridge, and she saw some delicious foods. And the first thing that she wanted to eat is some pancakes. After eating she hid just to make sure if the invisible man wanted to come in again.

After a while Sofia didn’t hear any footsteps she just continued. But then the invisible man went in so Sofia now had to find a place to hide but it was too late, so the invisible man caught Sofia, and put her tied in his bedroom. Now Sofia was in the invisible man’s house so she needed water, food, and many more things. So one day one when the invisible man went in his room with a scissor, Sofia dragged it from him and freed herself. The invisible man was furious after that so he chased her in the forest.

Meanwhile, her mum and dad where worried because Sofia had been the forest for a long time so they decided to call the police to find her. So when the cops arrived they saw the house that Sofia went in, so they went in. But they saw nothing accept a shadow behind them so they turned around to see the stranger, but they saw nothing. The invisible man knew it was a chance to drug the cops, but he only drugged one cop because when he drugged one cop the other cops ran away.

About now the leader of all cops found something strange from the stranger that was he was invisible so the cops took their guns and shot at the shadow. But the invisible man noticed that the cops where about to shoot their guns so he ran and disappeared in the woods. So the cops chose to explore the house. Meanwhile Sofia was running in the woods. And Sofia said to herself that she needed to go home. So that’s what she did.

First, Sofia came back to the abandoned house because she knew the cops had come, because her mum and dad might worry so they could call the cops. And when she was at the door of the house she saw police cars, so that meant the polices couldn’t be far, so she got in the house and started to search all the house. And she finally fined the police. And the police offcers told the beginning to the end of the journey in the invisible man’s house. And Sofia was amazed with this case, so she invited the cops to the invisible man’s house 8:pm in the morning to go to the invisible man’s house. And the next day at 8:pm, Sofia met the cops at the same time.

The cops and Sofia explored the house together. And inside the house, it was spooky and horrible because there was all sorts of body traps or prison traps. So the next day the polices invited the number one detective in the whole town. And when the detective went to the abandoned house with the cops and Sofia he heard mouses squeaking, frog’s ribbiting and wolves howling at the sky even though it was not night yet, even if it was night time, it wouldn’t be a full moon. But they didn’t have much time so they went in the house. Then the detective started to look for some clues.

Suddenly, he saw a very beautiful picture of this house. And that meant this house was a very good house at once, but then someone maybe had abandoned it. So this was a very good clue for the detective. And the detective had even more ideas.

(to be continued…)

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April Fools (2nd and 3rd graders)

I cut my hair.

I lost all my teeth.

I put my notebook in the water.

I left the school

I broke the toilet

I broke my pencilcase

I put my notebook in the trash

I became the teacher

I burned the school down.

I flooded the school.

I slapped my teacher.

I left shcool.

I flush my notebook.


Selma, Layal, Malia, Lea, Sofia, Johnny

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April Fools! (1st graders)

Hello Mum and Dad,

Today, I escaped from the school.

I climbed the wall.

I didn’t do my homework.

I cut my hair with scissors.


Hello Mum and Dad,

Today, I cut my hair because the teacher tells me to do it.

I cut my ear.

I drank coffee.

I went to England.


The teacher speaks German in SIA.

I hit everyone at school today.

Everyone put fish on my back today.

I cut my hair today with my scissors.

I climbed the school.

I destroyed all the tables.

I broke the Ipad of the teacher.


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About the European Union

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More wild animals (2nd graders)

The rhinoceros (by Johnny)

The rhino is the second largest land animal, it is just behind the elephant.

It has very good hearing and it can not see well. It lives alone and it is a large animal.

It is black,grey or black body. It has a long horn in the middle of their face. It has short legs and a short tail.

It eats grass,fruits, berries and leaves and also it is an herbivore.

Its predators are humans, lions and crocodiles.

Its habitats are forests and savannas in Africa and Asia.

The hippopotamus (by Sofia )

The hippo is a semi-aquatic animal.

It can stay 18 hours a day in the water.

It can not sweat.

it has a grey body

it has a enourmous head and a large mouth and eyes and ears on top of the head

it eats grass, grain, flowers, (Herbivore).

(to be continued)

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Our school celebrated St Patrick’s Day today. Everyone was wearing green (because if you don’t wear green, you can get pinched ;)!

The 1st graders (CP) painted leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows. They also cooked green cookies.

The 2nd graders made leprechaun’s traps (because if you catch a Leprechaun, he must give you his gold !)

The other classes played special games. What a good day!

St Patrick’s day, by Athena (5th grade) :

St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th of March. It is a day to celebrate a man named St. Patrick. The legend says that he even drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

On St. Patrick’s Day, you have to wear green on you or you get pinched ! But for some people, they don’t just put green to not get pinched, for some people it is a real party where they disguise themselves and party.

In some places there are enormous parades and some times they even dye their river in green.

There are little people called leprechauns that are really naughtyand tricky and they steal gold.

The legend says that there is a pot of gold at the end of rainbows and if you catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, he has to tell you where his gold is.

The symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is the three leaf-clover (shamrock)

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The 3 Little Pigs (1st graders)

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